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Figure 1: OCMIP-2 timetable for completion of simulations, analysis, and development of common analysis tools. Simulations required for all OCMIP participants are indicated in black; additional simulations in green are required for GOSAC members and optional for others. The numerical tracer runs (orange) will be discussed, in light of results from required simulations which will be presented at the first OCMIP-2 workshop (Paris, mid-1998).  For each run, work is broken down into periods for planning (grey), simulation (black), base analysis (cyan), and extended analysis (red).  Simulations will be made by each group and returned in standard OCMIP form for analysis. Base analysis will be made at IPSL (France) and PSU (USA).  Base analysis will be led by the persons indicated on the right axis.  Subsequent extended analysis may be taken on as subprojects by interested members, after group approval.  Analysis subprojects will be made possible by common use of the GOSAC Analysis Package (GAP), under development at IPSL. Extended analysis does not preclude further base analysis.