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2. Output Format

Each modeling group must provide their output in the standard format (analagous to that used for OCMIP-2 and OCMIP-3). Model output that does not follow these formatting conventions cannot be included for analysis during OCMIP-4. Model groups must use the two standard routines that we have developed specifically for writing output in standard form for OCMIP-4.

Examples of calling these two output subroutines are provided in the two test programs below:

Shortly, another set of example programs will be provided to illustrate how to read a variable in from one or more non-standard netCDF files and then pass it on to the write subroutines above, in order to produce standard output files.

You will also need to transfer the OCMIP-2 routines:

2.1 Downloading the output routines

The output routines can be transferred to your machine by clicking on the links above, while holding down the Shift key.

2.2 Variable names

For consistency, it is crucial that all groups use the following i) short names, ii) long names, and iii) units when calling the standard output routines. If you have other variables that are not included in the list below, please notify Laurent Bopp and James Orr so that we can add them to the list below.

Variable/long name                    Short name                  Unit

3-D Physical

Potential Temperature                    TEMP                     degC
Salinity                                 SALT                     PSU
Potential Density                        PRHO                     kg/m^3
Zonal velocity                           ZONU                     m/s
Meridional velocity                      MERV                     m/s
Vertical velocity                        VERW                     m/s
Bolus zonal velocity                     BOLU                     m/s
Bolus meridional velocity                BOLV                     m/s
Bolus vertical velocity                  VOLZ                     m/s 
Vertical diffusivity coefficient         AVTZ                     m^2/s

2-D Physical
Total heat flux                          QTOT                     W/m^2
Shortwave heat flux                      QSW                      W/m^2
Evaporatio-precipitation                 QWAT                     mm/d
Mixed layer depth                        ZMXL                     m
Sea surface temperature                  SST                      degC
Sea surface salinity                     SSS                      PSU
Sea surface height                       SSH                      m
Sea ice concentration                    ICE                      -

3-D Biogeochemical

Dissolved Inorganic Carbon               DIC                      mol/m^3
Total Alkalinity                         TALK                     eq/m^3
Oxygen                                   O2                       mol/m^3
Phosphate                                PO4                      mol P/m^3
Nitrate                                  NO3                      mol N/m^3
Ammonium                                 NH4                      mol N/m^3
Particulate organic carbon               POC                      mol C/m^3
Dissolved organic carbon                 DOC                      mol C/m^3
Phytoplankton                            PHY                      mol C/m^3
Zooplankton                              ZOO                      mol C/m^3
Chlorophyll                              CHL                      mg Chl/m^3
Iron                                     FER                      mol Fe/m^3
Silicate                                 SI                       mol Si/m^3
Particulate organic iron                 PFE                      mol Fe/m^3
Biogenic silica                          BSI                      mol Si/m^3
Iron in phytoplankton                    PHYFE                    mol Fe/m^3
Silica in phytoplankton                  PHYSI                    mol Si/m^3
.......................                  .....

Primary production                       PP                       mol C/m^3/s
New Production                           PNEW                     mol C/m^3/s
Export production                        EP                       mol C/m^2/s
Biogenic silica production               PBSI                     mol Si/m^3/s
Export of biogenic silica                EXPSI                    mol Si/m^2/s
Export of calcite                        EXPCACO3                 mol C/m^2/s

2-D Biogeochemical
Surface conc.'s of all 3-D tracers       S+short name (1)         mol/m^3
Vertically integrated PP                 INTPP                    mol C/m^2/s
Export production at 100m                EP100                    mol C/m^2/s
Vertically integrated new production     INTPNEW                  mol C/m^2/s
Surface pCO2                             PCO2surf                 uatm
Delta pCO2                               dpCO2                    uatm
air-to-sea CO2 flux                      fgCO2                    mol C/m^2/s
air-to-sea O2 flux                       fgO2                     mol O2/m^2/s
Vertically integrated PBSI               INTPBSI                  mol Si/m^2/s
Vert. integrated Iron production         INTPBFE                  mol Fe/m^2/s
Vert. integrated calcite production      INTPCACO3                mol C/m^2/s
(1) to construct the name of surface variables, begin with a S and
then add the short name of the 3-D variable. For instance, the short
name of surface DIC is SDIC.

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